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After a long overdue eyebrow wax at Concepts (Sam is a wizard), I sauntered in through the basement of Holts with every intention of hoofing it up to the shoe department. Somewhere along the way, probably a result of repeatedly emailing while walking and not looking where I’m going, I somehow ended up in the […]

David Clemmer


David Clemmer of Style by Jury just requested to be My friend on Facebook. I love David Clemmer! I think I just peed myself a little bit. That is all.

Living in a country like Canada, winter is an important time of year to address your wardrobe. For a woman on a limited budget, as I’m sure most 20-something year olds out there are, it’s smart to narrow down your search for a perfect winter wardrobe to a few key items. There are three pieces […]

Today, Modelresource exclusively announced the line-up of WOMEN X WOMEN 2010 photographers. This has been in the works for months and we have tosay we are really happy with the line-up of photographers confirmed for 2010. Thanks to all those in the industry who weighed in and gave us their suggestions on who they […]

Our new website


Angela already mentioned this, but I think this deserves its own post. Angela has added web design to her long list of tricks. Our first effort, our own corporate site, is done, and amazing!!!! (If we do say so ourselves). screen snap


21Jan10 to run an exclusive announcing the WxW Photographer line-up within the next few days. Several beautiful location shoots are scheduled for WOMEN x WOMEN, including on a snowy lake outside Montreal with Maude Arsenault and film crew in tow. WHY is it always that the most exciting things are those that you just can’t […]