How To Wear a Jumper (Correctly) Starring Penny Lane

When I call up Penny Lane and ask how dressed up she’s getting for our dinner on College last night, and she replies, “I don’t know, I might just wear a jumper.” I’m not going to lie… I actually cringed a little. Thinking to myself, I don’t know that there’s ever been a time I’ve seen a jumper done right. I immediately envision mental images of Amber Rose, all squeezed into spandex like a tube steak.
Ick. Nonetheless, I opt for my FAVOURITE Le Coq Sportif boots and head on out. I just got a SO WARM Canada Goose jacket, and it will forever be my winter saviour. I don’t care where I’m going, I’m wearing it. Period.
Well of course she shows up and puts my tomboy Monday look to glamour shame, gliding out the door in her beautiful brown Mackage parka (Yes, the one she just featured on her first “Wearing It” article). Also wearing this off white H&M jumper below. I asked Kat what she likes about jumpers and she said, “It’s like getting to wear pajamas out in public. It’s great”. Seconded.
Only Kat would sit down at Vivoli and order a drink that looked like a party in a fishbowl (otherwise known as a white Sangria), while I’m stuck with my boring glass of Valpolicella. Had I known “party in a glass” was on the menu, I would have rsvp’d.
We top it off with gelato next door, yes, we were aware it’s the dead of winter. Instead of eating mine in the shop, I tried an experiment of seeing if I could get my gelato cup home before it melted and got all over my car. Not a total success, but I still enjoyed some of it.


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