Style in Motion: What to Wear For a Job Interview

*Being a firm believer that moving images are constantly shaping the future of fashion, we felt it essential to include certain video/film aspects to our Advocates blog. Keep your eye our for random vlogs that tell the tales of our exploits and industry adventures.
Most women will agree with me, when I stress that there is nothing sexier than a man in a suit. Being a self-admitted junky for quality tailoring, you can guess that I’m not talking about suits that come from stores with “barn” or “depot” in the title. So ladies, if you can find yourself a man that knows how to and likes to dress like your favorite James Bond man, be it Connery, Moore, or Brosnan- hey whatever floats your boat- you should make an investment in him, the way he’s willing to make an investment in his suits.
It was a random Monday night at the office when composer Igor Vrabac showed up, in desperate need of a suit for his interview for a “real job”. Turning to longtime friend and collaborator, filmmaker Billie Mintz to lend him one, I couldn’t not get the cameras rolling for an impromptu fashion show that turned into something more like monkeys grooming each other.

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