WOMEN x WOMEN Behind the Scenes

Last week, we set out to assist Director extraordinaire Billie Mintz of ARC (Artists Raising Consciousness), with the seemingly impossible mission to document the 12 WOMEN x WOMEN photographers’ shoots. Our travels brought us from a cathedral in Corktown, to an antiques & vintage shop in the Junction, to a tiny cottage on a lake in rural Quebec- not to mention countless spectacular studios across Toronto and Montreal. I shit you not. 12 shoots in 8 days. Eat that Anna Wintour.
I’m proud to report that I wore the same green cargo pants to every single shoot. I’m not kidding. I don’t know how it happened. Maybe somehow, subconsciously I thought I was going into the WxW playoffs and it was for good luck. Maybe I rationalized that since I was going to be graced with the Canadian fashion industry’s most striking models, that it wasn’t even worth shaking a stick at or whatever the kids are doing these days. Plus, carrying camera equipment up several flights of industrial stairs is a bitch. You try doing it in stilettos. Excuses or not, my sense of fashion fell completely by the wayside that week, and I’m sure I made quite the dazzling impression showing up sans makeup, to a set full of our country’s finest purveyors of glamour. Epic fail.
Back to the point. I had the pleasure of being on the front lines of the action this year, meeting all the insanely talented artists and industry professionals who all come together in some miraculous way to make such beautiful images. Each set told its own story. Each team had their own dynamic. Their own vision and inspiration. It was quite something.
We’ve been editing the footage down for the this year’s photographer vignettes, which will be shown along with the photographers’ high fashion editorials at the WOMEN x WOMEN exhibition as well as displayed online. That’s why it’s been a touch quiet on the blog horn as of late, but not to worry my pretties…
Here’s some behind the scenes stills to tide you over in the meantime. Enjoy.
NOTE: We would like to extend a MOST SPECIAL thank you to Billie Mintz and ARC for their generous sponsorship of WOMEN x WOMEN. This is their second year of being involved with the event, and we are so appreciative of the support and enthusiasm that they have shown since day 1. Muchas gracias!

Steven Turpin (Folio) at Genevieve Charbonneau’s studio

Lindsey Drennan walks down the aisle

Lily (One part of the Lily & Lilac Photographer duo)

Arline Malakian putting on the final touches

Asha (Ford) on set with Kat Torgashev

The boys are assigned to snow removal duty at Maude Arsenault’s shoot

Jessica Lewis (Elmer Olsen) donning a veil and a gold painted hand at Malina Corpadean’s shoot
FILM STILLS BY: Billie Mintz (Director)

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