Behind the Scenes in the Cathedral with Lindsey Drennan

When I spoke to Lindsey Drennan while arranging the WxW filming schedule, she indicated that she had envisioned her shoot to take place in a church.
In my mind, I had my reservations. Why? Because the last time I stepped foot in a church, I went to a Catholic high school and was forced to go to mass- what, with the long flowing robes, and the worship, and the wine that only the priest got to savour ‘What gives!? I’m underage and want a taste of the sweet nectar too. Instead I have to settle for this piece of shit cracker. Boo.’ And why did I go to a Catholic high school when I was a big fat non-religious fake? They had a superior Arts program; which as you can see, is doing me a lot of good. Anyhow, for the record I took communion like a champ. Plus I think the church I was looking for was Anglican….
So I lead us to a big downtown church thinking it has to be the right church, because I don’t know many churches, and I think ‘It’s in the area’ so I don’t bother to Google map it cuz I’m known for making gross assumptions like that. Then we walk in and ask the church ladies, who look at us all cockeyed, thinking we must be all high on “the pot” or something, because “there’s no fashion shoots going on here” and they were just about to start a service. Fail. Plus I already put $4.50 in the parking meter which bought us a fancy hour and fifteen minutes at King and Adelaide, when I could have paid $1.50 down the street where I was supposed to be. Epic Fail.
Off to the Little Trinity church where we finally hunt down Lindsey Drennan and her crew for their series is entitled “Golden Graces”.
Found it. Shot it. Love it. Can’t wait to show it.

Producer: Andy Vanderkaay

Stylist: Diana Onu (Plutino Group)

Makeup Artist: Julie Lynas (Plutino Group)

Hair Stylist: Lynzee Corbett

Models: Jenna (Ford Models), Nicole S (Next)

Photo Assistants: Brendan Meadows, GP Testa


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