"Wearing It" by Penny Lane – Spring Must Haves

Spring. That beautiful time of year where fashionistas shed their parkas, store their Sorels and dash to the shopping malls as if in a religious effort to celebrate the end of winter and the return of sunlight, warmth and the spring/summer collections of their favorite labels and designers.

With sturdy help from numerous issues of Vogue, other fashion blogs and of course, the inspiration I daily experience living in downtown Toronto as well as my own costume shop of a closet, I’ve compiled a top 10 list of major spring trends I love, including items I would recommend looking into adding to your wardrobe this spring season.

Ever the lengthy writer, I’ve divided it into two posts: clothing and accessories. Accessories coming soon.

Spring Must Haves: Clothing

1) The Military style jacket

Yes, I know this isn’t a new trend, but military style jackets are perfect transitional items from spring to summer. They add a harder edge to any outfit and look gorgeous paired with everything from structured trousers and minis to casual cuffed shorts and denim. Balmain makes beautiful high end pieces but you can find less expensive versions at stores like Zara and H&M. For a cool retro take, check out Flashback in Kensington. The lower floor of the second store stocks old band uniforms with beautiful detailing, most in great condition although would probably need to be altered for a better, more contemporary fit. (A big bonus at Flashback: if Roger, the store owner, is around, he will happily assist you, even taking you to the behind the scenes; basement or back of the store; to help you find the perfect item. True customer service.) Below: Alice and Olivia and Balmain

2) The Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are the new little black dresses. Massively popular in the 1960s and moreso in the 1970s (my 2 favorite fashion eras), they’re coming back in a big way. Must have in your closet. There are so many diverse flattering versions out there right now. Opt for a piece that is either looser on the bottom and more fitted on the top for a flattering fit and try to avoid fabrics that are easily wrinkled because you’ll risk looking like you’re in your pjs. The short versions are a great layering piece and can be worn with tights or leggings. They look chic and take the guesswork out of putting together a great outfit. Please stay clear of all over spandex, denim and most animal prints. Below: Antik Batik and DVF.

3)The French-striped boatneck

Long are the days when horizontal stripes are considered not flattering (right?). A simple long sleeved striped boat neck tee can serve as a trusty layering piece in a revolving wardrobe in any season, its magic being that it makes any outfit look effortlessly chic (showcased ever so cleverly by Audrey Tautou’s character in Coco Avant Chanel) as well as its sheer ability to never go out of style. Today’s versions offer a myriad of options. I’ve seen great ones anywhere from American Apparel and the Gap to (most recently) a trip to an army supply store selling “authentic” Russian sailor style lightly woven versions (for men, but would look great as a looser style on women) for around 40$ in beautiful clean white and royal blue stripe. Below: Audrey Tatou and Thread Social.

4) The leather vest

The new leather jacket. Find them new or vintage, distressed or shiny and new, a leather vest transcends clothing and becomes a unbeatable accessory. Go for fitted version and be careful with the hardware. Make sure zippers, buttons and snaps look structured and not overkill. Too much metal and you begin to look more punk than high street fashion. Throw them over tank tops, t shirts and even flowy dresses to balance out the hard edge. I love the updated versions with assymetrical zippers or flowing sides. Below: Barlow and Mike and Chris.

5) Anything lace and satin

Lingerie themed pieces emerge from hibernating underneath winter wool. Think pale colors; rose, taupe, cream and textures like lace, satin and yes, even mesh. Show some skin, but stay away from anything too sheer without the proper underpinnings. Looser camis and bodysuits layered with blazers and blouses are a discreet way to play up this trend. I love vintage slips and corsets worn with lots of layers and accessories. Careful buying vintage lace and inspect carefully for rips. Below: Dolce and Gabbana corset and David Lerner leggings.


6 Responses to “"Wearing It" by Penny Lane – Spring Must Haves”

  1. 1 sarah

    Penny Lane knows fashion!!! I am generally in love with every outfit i see her in:):) great blog:)

  2. Make sure to post lots more like this, thanks!!

  3. Amazing!! love the style choices, good job keep it up=)

  4. great job kat! u have talent

  5. thanks you guys

  6. I wouldn't dress like this – but I think more girls should!

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