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Thrilled at the exclusive opportunity we’ve received through The Society to attend the official Canadian launch of the Halston Heritage Collection with my fellow Advocate Miss Angela Young, I eagerly began searching online for previews. What a gorgeous collection. Each piece was so simple yet so powerful, beautifully structured and to be honest, belongs in […]

What’s more fun to do on a Sunday than round up your friends for a jaunt down to Sears Portrait Studio? Gather up your most fabulous friends and associates and head to fashion photographer duo Lily and Lilac’s uber trendy studio off Queen West, with 5 garment bags in tow stuffed with hoards of primo […]

*Being a firm believer that moving images are constantly shaping the future of fashion, we felt it essential to include certain video/film aspects to our Advocates blog. Keep your eye our for random vlogs that tell the tales of our exploits and industry adventures. Most women will agree with me, when I stress that there […]

When I call up Penny Lane and ask how dressed up she’s getting for our dinner on College last night, and she replies, “I don’t know, I might just wear a jumper.” I’m not going to lie… I actually cringed a little. Thinking to myself, I don’t know that there’s ever been a time I’ve […]

After a long overdue eyebrow wax at Concepts (Sam is a wizard), I sauntered in through the basement of Holts with every intention of hoofing it up to the shoe department. Somewhere along the way, probably a result of repeatedly emailing while walking and not looking where I’m going, I somehow ended up in the […]

So this is what they mean when they talk about bad blogging. A pseudo, trying-to-be respectable blog that disappears off the radar for a week. Tisk tisk. I lament in shame. Well, if you must know. I’ve been turning over a new leaf, or turning the corner, or taking it one day at a time. […]

What on Earth is happening to the west queen west bar scene? Go back to Yorkville douche! I suppose this is what we get for going anywhere in downtown Toronto on a Saturday night. But I digress… So my fellow Advocates in crime and I head out for a modest night out to celebrate the […]