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What’s more fun to do on a Sunday than round up your friends for a jaunt down to Sears Portrait Studio? Gather up your most fabulous friends and associates and head to fashion photographer duo Lily and Lilac’s uber trendy studio off Queen West, with 5 garment bags in tow stuffed with hoards of primo […]

So this is what they mean when they talk about bad blogging. A pseudo, trying-to-be respectable blog that disappears off the radar for a week. Tisk tisk. I lament in shame. Well, if you must know. I’ve been turning over a new leaf, or turning the corner, or taking it one day at a time. […]

The only thing remotely enjoyable about the recent drop to frigid low temps and icy-as-fuck sidewalks in stilettos, is the promise of warmth when you make it to your best friend’s (and fellow Advocate’s) holiday gathering at The Artist Group Limited offices on King West. Oh, and the Soy Silk product samples and Amarula warmers […]

Barbara Atkin, VP of Fashion Direction @ Holt RenfrewKate with fellow blogette, Jen Newton