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Spring. That beautiful time of year where fashionistas shed their parkas, store their Sorels and dash to the shopping malls as if in a religious effort to celebrate the end of winter and the return of sunlight, warmth and the spring/summer collections of their favorite labels and designers. With sturdy help from numerous issues of […]

When I call up Penny Lane and ask how dressed up she’s getting for our dinner on College last night, and she replies, “I don’t know, I might just wear a jumper.” I’m not going to lie… I actually cringed a little. Thinking to myself, I don’t know that there’s ever been a time I’ve […]

Living in a country like Canada, winter is an important time of year to address your wardrobe. For a woman on a limited budget, as I’m sure most 20-something year olds out there are, it’s smart to narrow down your search for a perfect winter wardrobe to a few key items. There are three pieces […]

Ah, Miss Penny Lane, Kat, Katerina, Associate Advocate, what-the-fuck-ever… when you came over to our house last night and sifted your way through the vintage clothing bomb that had gone off in our living room, I knew there would be something good in there for you… It was a typical Thursday evening… I was relaxing […]

The party train continued after a brief relapse early this week. Yesterday we did dinner at Terroni with my new most favourite person in the world, Kat Turchik, otherwise known as Penny Lane. We hit up the pre-halloween party at Balisi, the Desaranno event at Ame, and finally… the CRASH event at the AGO- good […]