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One of the most ambitious shoots that took place as a part of this season’s WOMEN x WOMEN fashion photography exhibit, was Renata Kaveh’s series entitled, “Deserter”. She and her crew of 5 travelled to Nevada to shoot an impressive series of 12 images which embodied her modern, romantic style. Renata described her vision for […]

So this is what they mean when they talk about bad blogging. A pseudo, trying-to-be respectable blog that disappears off the radar for a week. Tisk tisk. I lament in shame. Well, if you must know. I’ve been turning over a new leaf, or turning the corner, or taking it one day at a time. […]

My my, huge congrats to superstar fashion photographer and perhaps, one of the most kind-hearted, genuine people I know, Renata Kaveh. To know Renata, is to adore her. We could not be any more pleased for her most deserved success. The editorial which she exhibited at WxW is now on the cover of LUXSURE Magazine. […]